Who is Miss Nelly?

  1. 1A48BA73-1D17-4E05-BBAB-A5581B6E7D59Today I sit in a bath tube full of water. Nothing special just water and 70% alcohol, yea I like alcohol in my bath. I used to use it a lot back in the day, but lately I’ve been using it more often. As I sit here water full to the top, Hair in it completely natural state my mind is clear, my mind is calm. I find myself smiling gently and looking in the air. Haven’t feel this mentally good in a while. Covid-19 has had a sister on edge ya know. Not from the dis-ease itself. I would say more of not knowing what’s next to come. So yea this is a bit of peace for me. As I look at the photo I just took and reflect on myself. I’m in deep thought.

Who am I? Who is miss nelly? Sometimes it’s a battle that you begin fighting with your inner self. You remember how you once looked and sometimes we try to keep that up crying inside never revealing the real you. So here I am reflecting… lol I’m realizing after the recent birth of my 3rd child. Gravity hasn’t been so nice to me ha! It all good though that was a battle for a while and I decided to work on it but also not be upset at what couldn’t be changed. I’ve been going back and forth with do I get a relaxer or don’t I? Lord knows I miss my pixie and the smoothness of my hair when it’s relaxed, however; I’m comfortable with this new journey and it’s ok to step out the box. Trying a new look didn’t change who you are. Does it? I’ve always too beautiful pictures when I look my best. But this time I decided to take this picture when I felt my best. Pictures speak to us… what does this picture say to you?

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Let’s catch up

So I’ve been out the loop, well haven’t been blogging for years, but finally I’m back. Now let’s catch up lol. So I’ve opened A salon within the past year and I must say it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Although it was not easy it has been well worth it. Today is actually my One year anniversary of my new salon (Wow) how time flys. You guys can feel free to check it out at http://www.boujiebabessalon.company

I remember talking to you before in one of my post in reference to finding you niche and how important it was, well if you look at the industry now you can see that I was in fact absolutely accurate. Stylist now are capitalizing on one or two spicific hair niches and running to the hills with it. So if you followed my advice back then you should be in a well off place in your beauty career. If you didn’t it’s never to late to start.

The beauty profession is growing rapidly,  I mean people are leaving their corporate Careers and going to beauty school. This industry is booming BIG time, and its enough money for everyone to get a piece of the pie. I’ve kinda mastered the art of making money doing a job that I love (short hair).



Knowing your hair Trends

imageA cut in color done by me…. Fall 2014

As a rising stylist or current stylist you must continue to be a trendsetter. Be a forecast watcher for hair trends. Being a hairstylist is very much like having a career as a make up artist or fashion designer. In fact the three field run hand and hand to create the beauty industry. Knowing the hair forecast will keep you current as a stylist, attending hair shows, watching other stylist and furthering your education in the hair field are all must in this industry. You should always know as a stylist what  lip color goes well with that hair color, or what Make Up Bronzers or blushes look great with ponytails or trendy hair cuts. You get my drift!

Failing to further your education in the industry could be detrimental to your career, remember it takes money to make money and you get out of it exactly what you put into it! This industry relies strictly on names and techniques. Always the Who’s who because trust me the who’s boys are complete irrelevant (shy). Remember the scene from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” when Maranda Presley went to view the fashion designers fall collection gave one turn of the face and he changed he whole collection. Yes that’s this industry brutally honest and totally cut throat. So pull out your tough skin coat. A technique in this industry can take you very far and make you plenty of money. Also know everything their is to know about this hair industry from business to styling. People hate a know it all but people love artist that are passionate about thier craft. In the coming years of your hairstyling career you will start to understand that nothing is new under the sun and even hairstyles repeat & reinvent themselves….. Now go out there and give it all you got!  Continue reading Knowing your hair Trends

Look the part….



Ok So your a stylist now…. And guess what that’s great, but you have something else to create!?! Yup you have to be to the most creative on this part. Why? Because you are creating you own image. Believe it or not hair stylist are trend setters we don’t go with the trends we create them. We as hairstylist have one of the Most fortunate positions to just do whatever it is to our hair that we want and be excepted and on top of that influence others to step out the box and try a new look. So by all means stylist you have to look the part and when I say that I mean this! If you gonna be a weave specialist and sell weave you should be  wearing ever inch every closure, every wig / weave you make or install on yourself should be  stunning. You want to know everything their is to know about weave, extensions ect. If you are a stylist that does natural hair then this applies the same way. The reason is, for one when people or potential clients see your hair and it’s flawless. The first thing they will ask is “Where did you get your hair done???” BINGO time to educate her on your styling skills and give her a business card.

That’s how I became to short hair doctor, my hair was always short so why not, do what I loved to do was cut and style and give woman the confidence to just cut it off and be the sexy ladies we intend to be everyday. People are more open and excepting to you when you a neatly dressed and you take pride in you own hair. No one wants to go to a stylish who’s hair is never done he or she just plain boring. When woman come to the salon they come for advice, fashion, fun, relaxation, and to also mingle with like minded woman. The energy in a salon balances of off the atmosphere. Looking the part will also determine what type of clients you get for example you can’t expect to get doctors and lawyers and you arrive to the salon at 12 noon with a scarf on your head. That’s not professional or business minded. Just sit back and take a look at the stylist you look you to and just watch their ways. Most of them are set In them ( their ways)  and that not all the time a good thing. The beauty industry is always evolving. So you cannot be the average, you must be the best you can and work your butt off to get to them next levels. Looking the part is half the battle. So dress for success, style your hair fabulously and too attract the client a you want to attract. And go get your clients!

Finished Beauty School Now What?

You have learned all the techniques, cutting, relaxing, coloring codes, sanitation, professional skills. Now how do you get clients in your chair?
You have learned all the techniques, cutting, relaxing, coloring codes, sanitation, professional skills. Now how do you get clients in your chair? What direction do you choose. Corporate stylist, Independent Stylist or Commercial stylist. Let’s break them down and see what best for you.

So Many Stylist choose to come out of hair school and become independent Stylist, and independent stylist is one who pays booth rent, booth rent can range anywhere from $100- $400 a Week depending on the salon and it’s location Now for an established stylist with clientele that’s usually a walk in the park but let’s remember we are just getting out of hair school! So you become an independent stylist and your rent is okay let’s go with the low scale $100 a week which is $400 per month. But you still don’t have any clients besides the couple you gain from hair school that’s used to paying hair school prices (yikes)! Oh but wait you also have to purchase products such as relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, finishing products and tools that equip for the salon ( you do want to look the part your playing in the BIG league now 🙂 so you have your booth space, your products and stylist tools. Oh but shucks you still have NO clients. What’s next? Time to get some business cards and flyers printed. And depending on how you want your business cards and flyers to look will depend on the money involved or if you need models or special cards are other things unique. You may do this all and get many clients or you may do this all and not even be able to break even. New stylist when you are on booth rent you are your own worker, so everything is on you to put the money in your own chair. You don’t get continuing education classes you will also have to pay for that. So this idea to me for a New stylist is truly a gamble but also not one that can’t win 🙂

Moving along, The Corporate Stylist now this to me is a fair one coming out of beauty school and here is why. Being a stylist in corporate has great perks. You get unlimited continuing education that’s FREE to you from the salon. You get to learn techniques that will better you as a stylist. You also get to work on different ethnicities that will make you a well rounded hair stylist. You will learn great professional skills, and learn to be a team player which will make you a grounded stylist. Pay,Pay what about the pay Miss Nelly. Well in corporate salons you will either be paid hourly or paid on commission depending on your experience. Percentage usually ranges anywhere from 40%- 60% now that’s not bad considering your a new stylist, you get continuing education, they put clients in your chair (yaaaay) you get to learn from the other stylist around you, you don’t have to pay for products (whoo hoo), you get benefits, and paid vacations. And the best part you don’t have to worry about scraping up your booth rent for the end of the week. Which from my personal opinion for a new stylist is a great way to go.

Ok, last but not least is the commercial stylist. The Commercial stylist works for a hair product company, the stylist must learn everything about that product, live that product, love that product, and stand 100% behind that product. You get to work and travel with this product and use it on clients to develop reviews about the product. Now here’s the good part. You get to attend most or all of the hair shows that this product will be featured . And you may even work hard enough to become a celebrity stylist for that product styling on stage, passing on information to other stylist and consumers interested in purchasing the product. You can be apart of campaigns for the product and so much more. Now the pay with commercial styling depends on your experience and flexibility. But the perks that come with this particular job is endless and countless fun.

I hope that I have helped a future stylist or current stylist out with my blog. I would love to hear your feed back please feel free to leave comments. Also follow my YouTube page search iammissnelly. And also my Instagram @boujiebabes thank you until next time

Miss Nelly