Finished Beauty School Now What?

You have learned all the techniques, cutting, relaxing, coloring codes, sanitation, professional skills. Now how do you get clients in your chair?
You have learned all the techniques, cutting, relaxing, coloring codes, sanitation, professional skills. Now how do you get clients in your chair? What direction do you choose. Corporate stylist, Independent Stylist or Commercial stylist. Let’s break them down and see what best for you.

So Many Stylist choose to come out of hair school and become independent Stylist, and independent stylist is one who pays booth rent, booth rent can range anywhere from $100- $400 a Week depending on the salon and it’s location Now for an established stylist with clientele that’s usually a walk in the park but let’s remember we are just getting out of hair school! So you become an independent stylist and your rent is okay let’s go with the low scale $100 a week which is $400 per month. But you still don’t have any clients besides the couple you gain from hair school that’s used to paying hair school prices (yikes)! Oh but wait you also have to purchase products such as relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, finishing products and tools that equip for the salon ( you do want to look the part your playing in the BIG league now πŸ™‚ so you have your booth space, your products and stylist tools. Oh but shucks you still have NO clients. What’s next? Time to get some business cards and flyers printed. And depending on how you want your business cards and flyers to look will depend on the money involved or if you need models or special cards are other things unique. You may do this all and get many clients or you may do this all and not even be able to break even. New stylist when you are on booth rent you are your own worker, so everything is on you to put the money in your own chair. You don’t get continuing education classes you will also have to pay for that. So this idea to me for a New stylist is truly a gamble but also not one that can’t win πŸ™‚

Moving along, The Corporate Stylist now this to me is a fair one coming out of beauty school and here is why. Being a stylist in corporate has great perks. You get unlimited continuing education that’s FREE to you from the salon. You get to learn techniques that will better you as a stylist. You also get to work on different ethnicities that will make you a well rounded hair stylist. You will learn great professional skills, and learn to be a team player which will make you a grounded stylist. Pay,Pay what about the pay Miss Nelly. Well in corporate salons you will either be paid hourly or paid on commission depending on your experience. Percentage usually ranges anywhere from 40%- 60% now that’s not bad considering your a new stylist, you get continuing education, they put clients in your chair (yaaaay) you get to learn from the other stylist around you, you don’t have to pay for products (whoo hoo), you get benefits, and paid vacations. And the best part you don’t have to worry about scraping up your booth rent for the end of the week. Which from my personal opinion for a new stylist is a great way to go.

Ok, last but not least is the commercial stylist. The Commercial stylist works for a hair product company, the stylist must learn everything about that product, live that product, love that product, and stand 100% behind that product. You get to work and travel with this product and use it on clients to develop reviews about the product. Now here’s the good part. You get to attend most or all of the hair shows that this product will be featured . And you may even work hard enough to become a celebrity stylist for that product styling on stage, passing on information to other stylist and consumers interested in purchasing the product. You can be apart of campaigns for the product and so much more. Now the pay with commercial styling depends on your experience and flexibility. But the perks that come with this particular job is endless and countless fun.

I hope that I have helped a future stylist or current stylist out with my blog. I would love to hear your feed back please feel free to leave comments. Also follow my YouTube page search iammissnelly. And also my Instagram @boujiebabes thank you until next time

Miss Nelly





10 thoughts on “Finished Beauty School Now What?”

  1. This was really great advice I appreciate you for sharing with me you’re a blessing. I would love more information me and my boyfriend are very interested as upcoming stylist and barber.


  2. Hey Miss Nellie

    I am almost out of beauty school and I was so confused on what I wanted to do!!! When what where and how was my 4 questions in my head that had my mind boggling, but I found YOU!! And reading your blog and watching your videos really got me at ease and on a clear path to what I will do next as an upcoming stylist/mua. A lot of stylists don’t want to share information which personally I think that is Ludacris because we are all doing the same thing!! But all in all I appreciate you doing this!! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors xoxox Lacey Edrice


  3. This is so great that your taking the time out to share this ! Found you on youtube !! πŸ™‚ I finished at aveda in south florida a couple months ago & have been going back and forth for what the right thing to do is… I loved that I worked with other textures but I set out to become a stylist doing natural hair, cuts, extensions and styling. My issue here is that starting at a salon in miami is very difficult with the hair market being much slower for black hair, broward(ftlauderdale), the county above is where more blacks are now & is somewhat better.But In most other salons they teach you things and have classes like you were saying but it seems it takes you forever to be able to take in clients along with them not being able to teach on textured hair vs a black salon that would push you out there a bit quicker if you have the skillset & are a fast learner. Also it seems most black salons here already have stylist that are experienced & not really looking for new new talent, or dominican really just advertising blowouts, maybe i just havent found my fit lol. So from that Ive been considering finding a shop where they will have somewhat corporate salon benefits like classes, helpful stylists etc; but until then keeping it a bit old school, advertising my work, doing my clients at home & traveling to them until i find the right fit, if i ever do down here…I would love to hear if you think this is good for startup , thanks again! your work is beautiful btw πŸ™‚
    this is my email incase youd want to reply back there instead


  4. I went to hair school in July of 2012 … But it’s now 2014 and I have yet take my test … Smh and U don’t know why I worked at a Shop that was great in the beginning because I didn’t need a clientele .. I got paid of Commission. Which wasn’t that bad but .. I felt drained and now Ive become discouraged.. And I wanna give up all hair but I use to dream about hair every night now things are just not the same


    1. I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Believe it or not this is one of the down sides to doing hair. I went moving from location to location for YEARS!!! It is good and bad… The good part is you get to become a better stylist and business owner, because you learn what you would and would not do as a salon owner! The bad part you lose clientele. To be honest you may never feel whole in a salon until it’s your own, so you will have to find a salon where you are at lease 75% comfortable. But this to takes time. let no one discourage you from your Dream! Find you fit!! And take that test! More doors will open up for you when you get that license… hope this helped!


  5. OMG I love this blog and the Youtube you are very talented. Thanks for the great information. I have a question how did you get so experienced with styling short hair? I like doing short cuts but I will sometimes have issues with the styling.


  6. I’m interested in cosmology but Idk if Im capable of doing it. My intagram is full of hairstylist, makeup artist, and even nail techs I just love it but when I try some the hairstyles out on others it doesn’t come out right & that makes me doubt myself but I can do it to my own hair . & where I’m from alot of hairstylist says that the schools here don’t teach you nothing but the basic to pass the test & if you dont already know how to do hair you won’t learn that much & l wanna learn more than just the basic to be good at what I like. So that makes me second guess about going to beauty college but I can look at hair all day. My question is what do u think I should do?


    1. Girl, go to beauty school anyway and get the knowledge and practice. You can always go and work at Supercuts, Haircuttery, etc. to perfect your own style. The longer you are not involved in doing something the more you will lose your nerve and skill. Don’t be afraid. Being a student means you are learning. The plus is now there is YouTube to help bring you along. Just keep watching tutorials while you are in class. You learn things the same way. Repetition, repetition, repetition. It’s always like that. Be confident in the fact that you are not perfect now but you will be excellent in the future. Go work for a barber shop. Men will always help a pretty lady. As long as you look cute, they will help. Try Sport Clips and Cost Cutters when you graduate. That’s where I’m going. I’m way older than you and can’t curl hair right yet, but I know that I will. Just think I was depressed for these past few days then I saw your post. God told me to reach out to you and give you hope and motivation. Hopefully, this will help. Also, when you are done school, go online and order more mannequin heads to practice cutting on until you get things right. You can never stop learning. Remember I’ll be fifty in May of this year and I am going to cosmetology school. Somebody has got to fix these beat looking chicks with jacked up hair. Plus, if you get tired you can always fall back on doing hair in the future. Don’t give up. If you do, just think of me–Melanie. I’ll be out here working somewhere. I just know it. You will too. See you in the salon. Congratulations in advance for graduating beauty school. Yay!


  7. Ms Nelly I must say your blogs are truly a God sent I am a licensed stylist but being my worst critic I settled for a regular job however now I am starting employment at a corporate salon and first I was turned off by the pay rate but reading this brings on another aspect of the great possibilities ahead of me no longer will I be insecure in my work or the ability to draw in clientele so Thank You and God Bless!

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  8. Your video was very inspiring to me. I graduated from hair school in 2013 and also have my license. I worked in a chain salon for a year, but while I was there I’ve learned the ends and out of how to run a business. But things didnt work out. It was alot of drama and I ended up being miserable towards the end. Since I’ve left I haven’t worked in a salon since then because I feel like I don’t want to go through that again. So I’ve just been doing hair out my house. Your video was helpful on the aspect of other hairstylist don’t want to give advice and I’m having that problem right now. So youtube became my best friend for weaves and short haircuts. I want to know from you would it be the right choice for me to just open my own salon because I don’t see myself working for another salon.


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