Look the part….



Ok So your a stylist now…. And guess what that’s great, but you have something else to create!?! Yup you have to be to the most creative on this part. Why? Because you are creating you own image. Believe it or not hair stylist are trend setters we don’t go with the trends we create them. We as hairstylist have one of the Most fortunate positions to just do whatever it is to our hair that we want and be excepted and on top of that influence others to step out the box and try a new look. So by all means stylist you have to look the part and when I say that I mean this! If you gonna be a weave specialist and sell weave you should be  wearing ever inch every closure, every wig / weave you make or install on yourself should be  stunning. You want to know everything their is to know about weave, extensions ect. If you are a stylist that does natural hair then this applies the same way. The reason is, for one when people or potential clients see your hair and it’s flawless. The first thing they will ask is “Where did you get your hair done???” BINGO time to educate her on your styling skills and give her a business card.

That’s how I became to short hair doctor, my hair was always short so why not, do what I loved to do was cut and style and give woman the confidence to just cut it off and be the sexy ladies we intend to be everyday. People are more open and excepting to you when you a neatly dressed and you take pride in you own hair. No one wants to go to a stylish who’s hair is never done he or she just plain boring. When woman come to the salon they come for advice, fashion, fun, relaxation, and to also mingle with like minded woman. The energy in a salon balances of off the atmosphere. Looking the part will also determine what type of clients you get for example you can’t expect to get doctors and lawyers and you arrive to the salon at 12 noon with a scarf on your head. That’s not professional or business minded. Just sit back and take a look at the stylist you look you to and just watch their ways. Most of them are set In them ( their ways)  and that not all the time a good thing. The beauty industry is always evolving. So you cannot be the average, you must be the best you can and work your butt off to get to them next levels. Looking the part is half the battle. So dress for success, style your hair fabulously and too attract the client a you want to attract. And go get your clients!