Knowing your hair Trends

imageA cut in color done by me…. Fall 2014

As a rising stylist or current stylist you must continue to be a trendsetter. Be a forecast watcher for hair trends. Being a hairstylist is very much like having a career as a make up artist or fashion designer. In fact the three field run hand and hand to create the beauty industry. Knowing the hair forecast will keep you current as a stylist, attending hair shows, watching other stylist and furthering your education in the hair field are all must in this industry. You should always know as a stylist what  lip color goes well with that hair color, or what Make Up Bronzers or blushes look great with ponytails or trendy hair cuts. You get my drift!

Failing to further your education in the industry could be detrimental to your career, remember it takes money to make money and you get out of it exactly what you put into it! This industry relies strictly on names and techniques. Always the Who’s who because trust me the who’s boys are complete irrelevant (shy). Remember the scene from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” when Maranda Presley went to view the fashion designers fall collection gave one turn of the face and he changed he whole collection. Yes that’s this industry brutally honest and totally cut throat. So pull out your tough skin coat. A technique in this industry can take you very far and make you plenty of money. Also know everything their is to know about this hair industry from business to styling. People hate a know it all but people love artist that are passionate about thier craft. In the coming years of your hairstyling career you will start to understand that nothing is new under the sun and even hairstyles repeat & reinvent themselves….. Now go out there and give it all you got! 

One thought on “Knowing your hair Trends”

  1. Please do more articles. I’m currently in cosmetology school in the DMV and your blog and YouTube page are very encouraging. Just yesterday I bought a new mannequin to practice cutting and highlighting on and was balking about how much it cost. I am a little slow and need to increase my speed for state boards. In this industry you need to pay to play!


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