Let’s catch up

So I’ve been out the loop, well haven’t been blogging for years, but finally I’m back. Now let’s catch up lol. So I’ve opened A salon within the past year and I must say it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Although it was not easy it has been well worth it. Today is actually my One year anniversary of my new salon (Wow) how time flys. You guys can feel free to check it out at http://www.boujiebabessalon.company

I remember talking to you before in one of my post in reference to finding you niche and how important it was, well if you look at the industry now you can see that I was in fact absolutely accurate. Stylist now are capitalizing on one or two spicific hair niches and running to the hills with it. So if you followed my advice back then you should be in a well off place in your beauty career. If you didn’t it’s never to late to start.

The beauty profession is growing rapidly,  I mean people are leaving their corporate Careers and going to beauty school. This industry is booming BIG time, and its enough money for everyone to get a piece of the pie. I’ve kinda mastered the art of making money doing a job that I love (short hair).