Who is Miss Nelly?

  1. 1A48BA73-1D17-4E05-BBAB-A5581B6E7D59Today I sit in a bath tube full of water. Nothing special just water and 70% alcohol, yea I like alcohol in my bath. I used to use it a lot back in the day, but lately I’ve been using it more often. As I sit here water full to the top, Hair in it completely natural state my mind is clear, my mind is calm. I find myself smiling gently and looking in the air. Haven’t feel this mentally good in a while. Covid-19 has had a sister on edge ya know. Not from the dis-ease itself. I would say more of not knowing what’s next to come. So yea this is a bit of peace for me. As I look at the photo I just took and reflect on myself. I’m in deep thought.

Who am I? Who is miss nelly? Sometimes it’s a battle that you begin fighting with your inner self. You remember how you once looked and sometimes we try to keep that up crying inside never revealing the real you. So here I am reflecting… lol I’m realizing after the recent birth of my 3rd child. Gravity hasn’t been so nice to me ha! It all good though that was a battle for a while and I decided to work on it but also not be upset at what couldn’t be changed. I’ve been going back and forth with do I get a relaxer or don’t I? Lord knows I miss my pixie and the smoothness of my hair when it’s relaxed, however; I’m comfortable with this new journey and it’s ok to step out the box. Trying a new look didn’t change who you are. Does it? I’ve always too beautiful pictures when I look my best. But this time I decided to take this picture when I felt my best. Pictures speak to us… what does this picture say to you?