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Finished Beauty School Now What?

You have learned all the techniques, cutting, relaxing, coloring codes, sanitation, professional skills. Now how do you get clients in your chair?
You have learned all the techniques, cutting, relaxing, coloring codes, sanitation, professional skills. Now how do you get clients in your chair? What direction do you choose. Corporate stylist, Independent Stylist or Commercial stylist. Let’s break them down and see what best for you.

So Many Stylist choose to come out of hair school and become independent Stylist, and independent stylist is one who pays booth rent, booth rent can range anywhere from $100- $400 a Week depending on the salon and it’s location Now for an established stylist with clientele that’s usually a walk in the park but let’s remember we are just getting out of hair school! So you become an independent stylist and your rent is okay let’s go with the low scale $100 a week which is $400 per month. But you still don’t have any clients besides the couple you gain from hair school that’s used to paying hair school prices (yikes)! Oh but wait you also have to purchase products such as relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, finishing products and tools that equip for the salon ( you do want to look the part your playing in the BIG league now 🙂 so you have your booth space, your products and stylist tools. Oh but shucks you still have NO clients. What’s next? Time to get some business cards and flyers printed. And depending on how you want your business cards and flyers to look will depend on the money involved or if you need models or special cards are other things unique. You may do this all and get many clients or you may do this all and not even be able to break even. New stylist when you are on booth rent you are your own worker, so everything is on you to put the money in your own chair. You don’t get continuing education classes you will also have to pay for that. So this idea to me for a New stylist is truly a gamble but also not one that can’t win 🙂

Moving along, The Corporate Stylist now this to me is a fair one coming out of beauty school and here is why. Being a stylist in corporate has great perks. You get unlimited continuing education that’s FREE to you from the salon. You get to learn techniques that will better you as a stylist. You also get to work on different ethnicities that will make you a well rounded hair stylist. You will learn great professional skills, and learn to be a team player which will make you a grounded stylist. Pay,Pay what about the pay Miss Nelly. Well in corporate salons you will either be paid hourly or paid on commission depending on your experience. Percentage usually ranges anywhere from 40%- 60% now that’s not bad considering your a new stylist, you get continuing education, they put clients in your chair (yaaaay) you get to learn from the other stylist around you, you don’t have to pay for products (whoo hoo), you get benefits, and paid vacations. And the best part you don’t have to worry about scraping up your booth rent for the end of the week. Which from my personal opinion for a new stylist is a great way to go.

Ok, last but not least is the commercial stylist. The Commercial stylist works for a hair product company, the stylist must learn everything about that product, live that product, love that product, and stand 100% behind that product. You get to work and travel with this product and use it on clients to develop reviews about the product. Now here’s the good part. You get to attend most or all of the hair shows that this product will be featured . And you may even work hard enough to become a celebrity stylist for that product styling on stage, passing on information to other stylist and consumers interested in purchasing the product. You can be apart of campaigns for the product and so much more. Now the pay with commercial styling depends on your experience and flexibility. But the perks that come with this particular job is endless and countless fun.

I hope that I have helped a future stylist or current stylist out with my blog. I would love to hear your feed back please feel free to leave comments. Also follow my YouTube page search iammissnelly. And also my Instagram @boujiebabes thank you until next time

Miss Nelly